Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hello my good people

Christmas!!!.... was great :) Santa even found me up in these mountains :). I received many packages in addition to the presents I received from my family :) I now have more candy than I could possibly eat, some cash :), and most importantly a couple of light sabers from my dear family :) (they know me well) A special thanks to My fam, The Roos Grandparents, the Harmon grandparents, the Osborn grandparents, Grandma Barbera, the Holloways, the Freihoffners, the Cardens, Sister Ashbie, the Sterners, and of course good 'ol Krysta Klumpp. You guys made my Christmas great, with all of your gifts and cards. I'm sure there were a few I might have left out... please be forgiving of my ungratefulness :(. Of course the best gift I received was to talk to the fam for a good while. They are all as giddy as when I first left them. :) I hope everyone had a great Christmas, especially my other peeps in the field. So in other news the work has been slower this last week due to Christmas and the craziness it brings. But the lessons we did have were great and the spirit has been there to back us up. Hopefully the same can be said for this next week.  We have a couple of very promising Investigators who we hope will find the narrow gate that very few find (Baptism + Confirmation). I will keep you updated. This morning we had a District meeting and afterwards we all went to the legendary Ceder Glen Malt Shop. Once there I ordered myself a peanut butter malt with chocolate and a double carmel twist (my mommy should be very jealous :). I'll have to take some some of you guys there someday. The traffic here has been awful because of all of the skiers headed up and down the mountain. It is a big contrast of what I have seen in quiet Running Springs. well enough rambling.. I love all of you and I hope everyone has the best year ever. :)

That one kid who is on his mish in the San B Forest,

-Elder Roos (or Rooster and Roosey as some have started to use :)

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