Monday, March 25, 2013


This is going to be short and to the point, but there are a few things that I would like to share. Yesterday we had ward conference in the Summit Ward. Bishop Dow and President Sears spoke. Prior to them speaking I was asked to sing the song that I prepared for the baptism. I sang I stand all amazed. After i was done I stood all amazed that I didn't mess up and that the spirit was so strong. Sometimes I feel as though I have been a member of the Summit ward for years. President Sears spoke with a lot of power as he normally does. It amazes me how he can take such simple doctrines and teach them with power as if he was revealing them for the first time. It wouldn't surpise me if he went on to be a mission president. Later that same sunday we had a lesson with a less active man named Robert who hadn't been active for many years yet his family is. We had the big guns with us. We had President sears on our left and Bishop Dow on our right. It was such a spiritual lesson. Robert spoke of how he hadn't recognized the spirit before. We all testified and eventually prayed to recognize the spirit. When we had finished our prayer President Sears asked him "how do you feel?" He responded "good, I feel like this is right" Presidemt Sears told him boldly that what he was feeling was the spirit. He replied again  with tears in his eyes saying "It feels good." I hope to see this family in the holy temple in the near future. I wish we could have the stake president and the bishop at every lesson we teach.:) Well in a weeks time I will find out what my fate is going to be for this next transfer. I will keep you posted.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dear Fam and Friends
It is weeks like this one that have made my mission worth it. Wednesday we got a text from Casey Carroll saying "they are here can you come now? I don't think I can keep my secret any longer." We knocked on there door and Stephen (a returning less active) answers the door. As a part of our plan he acted like he did not know us as he reluctantly let us inside. We pretended to introduce ourselves to Stephen, Casey, and their daughter Abby. We also introduced ourselves to Stephens Parents, who are the unsuspecting victims for whom we have planned all of this. We asked "may we share a short message?" They agreed and we began to teach about the Book of Mormon as if we were at square one with the Carroll Family. The older Carrolls sat waiting for us to finish, not even imagining what we were about to unveil. After explaining the role of the Book of Mormon and how Jesus visited the Americas we explained how you can pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. With a more somber voice my dear companion Elder Paget said "we are grateful that Casey has come to the knowledge that Jesus Christ lives, that the Book of Mormon is true and she is getting baptized this Saturday at 4:00." An Infatic silence followed. The parents who have prayed for years for their son and daughter in-law to be a part of the gospel found out just days before the baptism that their prayers were answered. Stephen's mother was the first display emotion saying "What!" and embracing Casey. It still had not sunk in for Stephen's father as he sat staring at the floor trying to comprehend what we had said. The tears were flowing at this point as they asked how this had happened and when. Casey explained that the they felt that something was missing in their lives and they didn't know what it was. They felt they needed something more. They had that conversation on Friday and Saturday. It was the Sunday, the very next day that we knocked on their door. Simply a miracle. Stephens Father embraced us and said thank you. It was one of the sweetest experiences of my mission. The only memory to top it was the baptism of Casey Carroll. A small fortune was spent in flying out Stephens whole family for the event. The program was beautiful with talks from Stephen's mother and brother. Right before the actuall baptism, I sang an arrangement of I Stand All Amazed. It was hard to keep from crying as I sang a song about my savior. It wasn't the best performance of my life but I felt that I had sufficiently shared my testimony of what was about to take place. They stepped in the water and Stephens father got chocked up as he said the prayer. more than a third of those present were non-members and it was clear that they felt the magnitude of the event with the rest of us. Most of Casey's family came to the baptism including her father who was more that apprehensive about her joining the church. A lot more good was done that day than just a baptism. On Sunday she was confirmed and her family sat on the front row to witness it. Casey was in tears after the ordinance was completed. Another miracle was we had an investigator family come to church who we have struggled with for awhile. Success felt really good. The sacrament meeting was even more spiritual because the bishopric was changed. Brother Dean was made the 2nd Councilor. Brother Dean has been a ward missionary since I have been here. There is are few men in this world I respect more than brother Dean. He was planning on moving within the next two weeks. When President Sears (another hero of mine) came to his door and said The Lord wants you to stay. He is staying. I love my mission. I don't want it to end. Thank you for all of your support.
Elder Roos
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear World,

It has been a few weeks! It was a Thursday like any other. We had just got out of Missionary Leadership Council and we were picking up supplies to bring to missionaries. President Godwin entered the office with unusual speed. He asked if we would all step into the chapel. Perplexed, we all sat in the first few rows awaiting what he had to say. I was expecting a speech on how we need to find more investigators. Oh, how I was wrong. He said that he had received a message that morning that the mission boundaries were changing. Effective July 1st The California San Bernardino Mission will be split into two missions. In the West there will be The California Rancho Cucamonga Mission, and in the East there will be the California Redlands Mission. We are in some of the last months of the existence of the mission I was called to more than a year and a half ago. The Rancho mission will comprise the stakes of Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Ontario, Chino, Hesperia, Victorville, and Apple Valley. The Redlands mission will also take some stakes from the Riverside Mission. It will have the stakes of Fontana, Rialto, San Bernardino, Redlands, Palm Desert, yucaipa, and a couple of others that I can't remember. My last transfer in the mission will won't be in the mission I came to. When President Godwin goes home the California San Bernidino mission gets to rest as well. This has motivated us as much as ever to acheive our goals. This is the last stand of this mission. Transfers have brought many changes to the Fontana Zone. We have more missionaries than ever. We even have a sister missionary from Germany! The zone is working hard and we are focusing on Discipleship to be our motivation. I made the zone a promise that Letting their faith in Jesus Christ and Discipleship sink deep into their heart will motivate them in this work more than anything else will. I also said that if keep it that way we will baptize more than the Fontana Zone ever has. I pray that we will be worthy for these blessings. Another bit of news that is worth mentioning was that a family I taught a year ago went through The Redlands Temple to be sealed. I had permission to go and see that event. It is amazing how the blessings of going on my mission seem to be perpetually coming even long after I leave an area. I'm sure I will keep seeing them long after I am home. I taught the Rogersons when I was in Running Springs. I hope I won't forget what Jason said to me when I said goodbye outside of the temple. He said "you changed this life." It is humbling to know that his statement was false. I have been a witness of what The Lord has done. I am grateful he has given me a ticket to sit on the front row and watch.


Elder Roos