Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Family and Friends

The question that I am increasingly asked it this: Are you trunky? This is a common question for missionaries that have less weeks left than most have months. My answer to this question in an infatic NO. I am doing my best to stay as focused. Yesterday I had another experience which reminded me why I am here, as if I haven't had enough of those 'ah-hah' moments in the last 23 months. We taught a newer investigator named Roman the Restoration. He loved the message and he believes that The Book of Mormon is true. When we had the prayer at the end he broke into tears as he pleaded to have a stronger witness. I believed that all of us there received one. We set his baptism date for the 3rd of August which is the last weekend I have in the mission. We have another we hope will choose to be baptized on that day too. His name is Gabe. I talked a little about him last week. In closing I want to keep pushing to the end. I hope to see a few more miracles before all is said and done. Keep me in your prayers, though I may need them more on my transition home than I do here in the field. I have millions praying for me now. That number will drastically fall in a month. Thank you for your support, and have an amazing day. :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

This week we were able to have another baptism! It was for Susan Loftus. In one of our lessons she informed me that she has found this blog and that she was reading it, so Susan congrats again! :) Like I have said before it has been really neat to see how Susan has developed a faith in Jesus Christ from not having much of a religious background. I am certain this came from her many hours in the Book of Mormon. When we met her, she was in the beginning of first Nephi. She is now approaching the middle of Alma and it has just been over a month. The baptism was a sweet experience. Susan's friend spoke about baptism in tears about Susan's decision. She also spoke about how you can never underestimate your example to others around you; How true that is. Susan will be going to Salt Lake this weekend to visit some friends and we have been bugging her about making it to temple square. We told her to approach a missionary there and say "hey I was baptized last week can you show me around?" :) If you are reading this Susan you should go! I am grateful to see so much Success as I put the cap-stone on my mission experience. I look forward to the coming weeks for additional miracles. :) We have a few who we felt like we have been losing lately. We had one where the fellowshipper said that our investigator wouldn't talk to us again. He came to church and we will be teaching him on Tuesday! We were happily surprised. I hope all is well for you with everything. You should watch one of these videos on this site and bind yourself to act.( Do something to help the work of God go forward. If I am reading this down the road a ways, I have a message for myself: What have you done for the Lord lately? Hopefully I will be able to answer that question without hesitation. Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dear Everyone

I have so much to say and so little time

The Mission Split:

Excitement was high at the Woodruff Building in Rancho Cucamonga on that bright Tuesday morning. Transfers had come and no one knew their fate. We had all packed our bags and we were ready for whatever lay ahead of us in the next few hours. Where you stayed or where you went was determined by were you would end up; It could be in The Redlands or The Rancho Cucamonga missions. Before the main transfer meeting had begun a smaller meeting commenced. In attendance was every District and Zone Leader in the entire mission. It was quite an amazing group to look upon as I prepared mentally for a training I had been asked to give. Others training included a few others that go home in August like myself. Elder Graf and Elder Sevison, two of my former companions, were among those also training. It ended up that I was the last one to address the group. The topic I had chosen was Repentance and the Atonement. I told them of how the Atonement has had to carry me through my mission. I told them about Aaron and Cameron and how I had come to a place that I felt I was a missionary worthy to of them. I told them that a fulness of Joy is possible as missionary through continued repentance and the sustaining Grace of God. I won't lie, I cried. I had already felt the spirit very strong before the transfer meeting had begun. The entire mission, about to be two, was in their seats. we sang we prayed and President and Sister Godwin gave us their final words. President Began by saying "well it's Sister Godwin's time to go home, and since I am her eternal companion I guess I have to go with her." :) The Transfers were announced. We almost got an entirely new zone. I am staying here in Apple Valley for the rest of my mission. :) We closed the meeting by singing the EFY Medley to President and Sister Godwin. Tears rolled down their faces as looked across the missionaries and the last three years. The missionaries said goodbye and we left to our areas across new mission borders. I thought I wouldn't see president again until we got an unexpected call from him on Saturday Morning. He was done training the new mission presidents and he was passing Apple Valley. He called us and met us at the church. We gave Sister Godwin ties and we said goodbye. We were the last missionaries to see President Godwin before he drove out of the mission.

The Baptism

Right after we said goodbye to President Godwin we rushed inside to make sure the font had not overflown for the baptism of Anabell Hernandez. Two weeks ago Anabell didn't want to be baptized. We thought that maybe she would one day. The Saturday before her baptism she missed her appointment with us but we talked later that day and she said "you know.. I think I want to do it." on Sunday night we finished the Lessons. A fast and an interview later she was ready for baptism. This was a very surprising and happy chain of events. The baptism went very well. Anabell's mom who isn't a member said the prayer. Anabell's cousin who is a returning less active gave the talk on baptism. Jose who is her faithful brother who is preparing for a mission baptized her with tears in his eyes. This had been in his prayers for a very long time. I am grateful to know the Hernandez Family. This is the beginning of many more miracles in their lives.

The new President

When President Hobbs walked into the room full of the Rancho Cucamonga Mission Zone leaders I was in awe how he could answer every question with both power and wisdom. It is clear he has come to lead us to new heights. President Hobbs has worked at BYUI for years and he rubs shoulders with some of the quorum of the twelve on occasion. I am already impressed and sad that I won't be able to spend very long with him. Tomorrow I will have my first interview with him.


On Sunday We spoke in Sacrament meeting. We talked about the broadcast! It was awesome.

Well as you can see my typing stamina has weakened, so I will have to say goodbye. Thank you for your support and your prayers.