Friday, July 12, 2013

This week we were able to have another baptism! It was for Susan Loftus. In one of our lessons she informed me that she has found this blog and that she was reading it, so Susan congrats again! :) Like I have said before it has been really neat to see how Susan has developed a faith in Jesus Christ from not having much of a religious background. I am certain this came from her many hours in the Book of Mormon. When we met her, she was in the beginning of first Nephi. She is now approaching the middle of Alma and it has just been over a month. The baptism was a sweet experience. Susan's friend spoke about baptism in tears about Susan's decision. She also spoke about how you can never underestimate your example to others around you; How true that is. Susan will be going to Salt Lake this weekend to visit some friends and we have been bugging her about making it to temple square. We told her to approach a missionary there and say "hey I was baptized last week can you show me around?" :) If you are reading this Susan you should go! I am grateful to see so much Success as I put the cap-stone on my mission experience. I look forward to the coming weeks for additional miracles. :) We have a few who we felt like we have been losing lately. We had one where the fellowshipper said that our investigator wouldn't talk to us again. He came to church and we will be teaching him on Tuesday! We were happily surprised. I hope all is well for you with everything. You should watch one of these videos on this site and bind yourself to act.( Do something to help the work of God go forward. If I am reading this down the road a ways, I have a message for myself: What have you done for the Lord lately? Hopefully I will be able to answer that question without hesitation. Have a great day.

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  1. Elder Roos,
    You and Elder Bretzke have made a huge impact in my life. You have helped many through many difficult times and have been very understanding in the worries I have had. You two have given many great analogies so that I can understand your teachings. I am very blessed for you two to have entered my life. I will be forever grateful in all you have done. You both have characteristics of valuable men and I wish you the greatest luck in your future adventures. P.s I do read all of these blog updates :)
    Please keep in touch.