Monday, May 20, 2013

Another week here in the middle east, I mean the High Desert! It is getting pretty hot and Ironically enough my Companion is from Canada! His name is Elder Bretzke and he is my only comp that hasn't been from either Utah or Idaho! He will be a great fixture to the zone. He has already done so much for the zone and he hasn't been here for more than a week. I'm glad to have a companion who is serious about the work. We will see a lot of miracles together. Speaking of miracles we have a couple coming right up. We have Jason  who will be baptized this Week and then we will have Roxie who will be baptized on the 1st of June! (happy birthday mom!) I love having success so close together. Hopefully this will keep the ward excited about missionary work. Jason and Roxie are both so prepared by the Lord. We even moved Roxie's date up closer than is was because of her spiritual progression. Even after six weeks I am still adjusting to the singles ward. Fortunately Elder Bretzke has served in two others so he knows how to work the ward and find success. I look forward to reporting on the baptism and our further successes next week. 

And as a side note. Congrats to Kaylee and Amanda for the exciting events this weekend.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

April 22nd

Well another week has flown by and I have a few things I would like to share. A little over a year ago I had the chance to to teach Aj Lundgren and he was baptized on April sixth. Many miracle have happened in their lives since then and we had the chance to see another this last Saturday. We got up got ready and started our drive down to the Redlands Temple to see the Sealing of the Lundgren family. This has is towards the top of favorite mission memories. Showing up to the temple is always a great experience. You wait with anticipation to see Angel Moroni towering above the orange orchards and homes of Redlands. Once we were inside we started seeing many familiar faces from the Running Springs Branch. Some of my favorite families were there. It was surreal telling them where I have been and how much longer I have left. The first of the ordinances to take place was the sealing of Cathy Lundgren to her parents. And then the moment we were waiting for came. Aj and Cathy were at the alter as they were married for eternity. As spiritual and emotional as all of this was, it didn't prepare me or Aj for the final part. A temple worker led their sons Trevor and Cody into the room all dressed in white. As they all were there at the Alter The family was in tears, as were most in the room. The Lundgrens are now a forever family. try telling that to a three month out Elder Roos telling Aj that "no we don't have the gold plates now they were taken by angel Moroni." I didn't see this miracle coming. I hope they are able to stay strong like they have for the last year.

In other news we were able to pick up two solid investigators and set baptism dates with them this week! 

Kayla's family was just baptized in another ward in Apple Valley. She doesn't live with them but she has seen the transformation that has occurred in their lives. She says that "if this is something that can change even her family then I should look into it." We taught her and she was at church on Sunday! She fits into the ward so well! and she has a lot of friends in the ward now! 

We met Skye on Saturday night after a baptism. She is dating a perspective missionary in the Spring Valley Lake ward. Her parents are very opposed to her getting baptized. At first this brought some fear to me knowing how many I have lost due to parental constraint, but after she described verse after verse of the Book of Mormon where she felt and recognized the spirit I knew that all would be well. We had prayerfully thought about what baptism date we should extend to her and we decided on the 25th of May not knowing that it was her birthday. We had her pray to know if that was the day she should be baptized. after the prayer and the meditation she said that she felt like a switch turned on in here head and she knew that is was God wanted. Her ability to recognize the spirit is incredible, and in some ways surpasses it my own sensitivity. 

And for my last little story we had a meeting with all of the bishoprics, mission leaders, and auxiliary presidencies. We were able to give a training on using their missionaries as full time resources. We taught about how the age of missionaries our by themselves thrusting in their sickles is passed and we need to use the large machine called a combine instead. We compared a combine to the ward mission process, as opposed to missionaries just out tracting without much success. It felt strange being very bold to a group of men and women who I would normally look up to. After we were finished the stake president and the mission president congratulated us after we were finished. Those are two men I have found it is hard to impress. Well I think I am finished rambling for now. Thank you for your prayers!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Another week has come and gone! There are four things that I want to tell you about so here we go!

Zone Conference was a great time for us. We were able to get together with the entire high desert for one big meeting. President and Sister Godwin gave trainings. As a side note I have grown to love our mission president and his wife immensely. We also had some trainings from the assistants which is to include an old companion Elder Sevison. We learned a lot about repentance, using our area book, and reaching our mission goals. Elder Hargraves and I gave an awesome training on making nightly planning more effective! We began by tying our ankles together as if we were ready to start a three legged race, We had signs to show what we represented. I had a sign that said daily planning and Elder Hargraves had a sign that said Weekly planning. We acted our parts very well. We ran towards our baptismal goal not unified and trying to go different directions to prove the point that we often are very faithful and excited in our weekly plans but we don't use those goals and we don't have the same faith in our nightly plans. We then ran together in unity to reach our goal. It went very well and everyone thanked us for the training when we were through. 

We have been able to pick up two new investigators this recently and set dates with them! One is Jason. He has family who are members and he has had a rough background. I can't wait to see how the gospel helps him. The other we set was yesterday with a girl named Roxie. She is very quiet but she is so humble and ready to get close to God. She too has had a rough past and is trying to change. We taught the Doctrine of Christ and it went wonderfully. She didn't want to pray at the end of the lesson, but after about ten minutes more of teaching about prayer she was ready. She said a sweet prayer and the spirit was strong. I am glad to see that I will be able to finish off my mission these last few months with some success.