Monday, May 20, 2013

Another week here in the middle east, I mean the High Desert! It is getting pretty hot and Ironically enough my Companion is from Canada! His name is Elder Bretzke and he is my only comp that hasn't been from either Utah or Idaho! He will be a great fixture to the zone. He has already done so much for the zone and he hasn't been here for more than a week. I'm glad to have a companion who is serious about the work. We will see a lot of miracles together. Speaking of miracles we have a couple coming right up. We have Jason  who will be baptized this Week and then we will have Roxie who will be baptized on the 1st of June! (happy birthday mom!) I love having success so close together. Hopefully this will keep the ward excited about missionary work. Jason and Roxie are both so prepared by the Lord. We even moved Roxie's date up closer than is was because of her spiritual progression. Even after six weeks I am still adjusting to the singles ward. Fortunately Elder Bretzke has served in two others so he knows how to work the ward and find success. I look forward to reporting on the baptism and our further successes next week. 

And as a side note. Congrats to Kaylee and Amanda for the exciting events this weekend.

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