Monday, March 25, 2013


This is going to be short and to the point, but there are a few things that I would like to share. Yesterday we had ward conference in the Summit Ward. Bishop Dow and President Sears spoke. Prior to them speaking I was asked to sing the song that I prepared for the baptism. I sang I stand all amazed. After i was done I stood all amazed that I didn't mess up and that the spirit was so strong. Sometimes I feel as though I have been a member of the Summit ward for years. President Sears spoke with a lot of power as he normally does. It amazes me how he can take such simple doctrines and teach them with power as if he was revealing them for the first time. It wouldn't surpise me if he went on to be a mission president. Later that same sunday we had a lesson with a less active man named Robert who hadn't been active for many years yet his family is. We had the big guns with us. We had President sears on our left and Bishop Dow on our right. It was such a spiritual lesson. Robert spoke of how he hadn't recognized the spirit before. We all testified and eventually prayed to recognize the spirit. When we had finished our prayer President Sears asked him "how do you feel?" He responded "good, I feel like this is right" Presidemt Sears told him boldly that what he was feeling was the spirit. He replied again  with tears in his eyes saying "It feels good." I hope to see this family in the holy temple in the near future. I wish we could have the stake president and the bishop at every lesson we teach.:) Well in a weeks time I will find out what my fate is going to be for this next transfer. I will keep you posted.

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