Monday, December 12, 2011

Ello Ev-ery-one

It is week three in the mountains and the snow is coming down. It's an early Christmas for a desert boy like me. :) If you read my last message you can stop crying.. my crazy headaches have slowed down. :) It has been difficult to get the work here in Running Springs up and moving, but we'll get it there. My new Comp Elder Brown and I are teaching well together and that can only get better. So in other news we experienced a Christmas miracle this last week! The local grocery store Jensen's had a freezer brake down, which resulted in a multitude of people surrounding a seemingly unlimited amount of frozen foods and Ice cream! I think it's safe to say I ate too much Ice cream that day. :) (Someone had to eat it before it melted).My only regret Is not having a bigger freezer to fill. :) It was good to see a lot of people get food who may be struggling this Christmas season. I'm sure it really was a miracle for many families who received free food. I wonder if there are special secret agent angels who are assigned to go and break freezers for the common good. :) Angel Robin Hood :) One good thing about all of this snow piling up is that we have a great service opportunity shoveling driveways. I'm sure many people will be surprised to look out of their frosted windows to see a couple of young men they don't know shoveling for them. :) Well not much else to report except that while all of you are going about your daily lives, I'll be "Tractin In a Winter Wonderland" :) Thank you so much to those who write me.

I love you guys!,

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