Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello again,

Today we did a hike as a zone which was really fun. We hiked up a place called Mormon rocks. :) They were named that when the Mormons came through to settle this area! it's good to get out of the tie now and again! We mountain biked down to where the hike started, and low and behold my bike now has a flat.(which i will be spending my precious p-day time fixing) :(  This last week went well! we picked up five new investigators, which is apparently good for around here. We have our week pretty scheduled up. I am excited to see conference as a missionary! In commemoration of it i will be preparing some panang curry for a member on Saturday :) and my comp will be making some German dish. :)  Tomorrow is more 'Greeny' training with the president which takes away from our time to work, but I'll get some good things out of it. My companion really likes to memorize poems and share them in dinner thoughts etc. I just might have a few down in the coming months. To my friends and fam: I love you guys, to my fellow missionaries: Ha-rah For Israel! and to everyone else: the church is true :)

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