Monday, October 3, 2011

Though i grew a foot or two before i left on my mission, now it seems i will continue growing more feet spiritually. Getting people to quit smoking and drinking is an experience that is requiring a lot of faith and prayers.  The end goal however, will make all of that worth it.  If things work out, we will have four baptisms this next transfer.  This last week we set dates with three and we will be setting another within the week.  Though I'm sure we're not by any means the best missionaries, God has provided those people for us and we are doing our best.  Anyway! I'm learning to play Jack Johnson on the Ukulele :) (that's not apostate is it? :).  I loved Conference. I want Elder Holland to be my companion so he can just throw it down with one of our investigators who is dragging their feet. :) President Monson's first talk when he enthusiastically said "HELLO!" was the best. :) A Starvalley Wyoming Temple! That is exciting.(My Dad grew up there!). I'm sure that he called everybody the second he heard that. :) Thank you to everyone who is sending me letters.  After a long day even the simplest of message lifts my spirits. One thing i love about the church is that is is hospital for sinners, and not a museum for saints.  We are all doing our best, and as long as we keep "getting up when we fall" we will make it.  Not much else to report except that i am alive :), I miss you,I pray for you, and 'Harah For Isreal'. :)  


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