Monday, October 17, 2011

I've come to the conclusion that as missionaries we bring either the best or the worst out of people.  We get some who listen and want to know what we say is true and then we get those who seem to turn on us as we walk around the corner.  It reminds me of the movie Inception when the dreamer's sub-conscience notices an invader. :) Or on The Matrix when the people stuck in the matrix do whatever they can to protect the status-quo of their existence, but i haven't seen that one .. cause that's ... uh rated R........ :) It was a slower week for us here in Hesperia and this next week we are really going to push ourselves in the work.  This Saturday the twenty second there is a baptism for our investigator Kat! I am very excited for that.  She is well prepared and so willing to keep every commandment (Golden).  So if on Saturday your wondering what I'm doing at around 3:00 I'll be watching someone be cleansed of all sin and making sacred covenants.  It is such a blessing, and it is just a taste of what I'll hopefully get to experience more of in these next twenty two months.  Today it is P-day and we are playing a basketball tournament with the two other zones here in the high desert.  If any of you who are reading this knows of my basketball skills you should also know that those other zones are going into this tournament with a significant advantage. :) If only we could play water polo or somethin. :)  I will now reiterate what I've heard many times from my fellow missionaries: This is going so fast.  I'm sure some transfers will go slower depending on my comp and area, but for now I'm trying to take in the moments.  I'm trying to remember the specific moments that i feel the spirit strongly or I am riding on my bike at nigh through the cool desert air.  I have a bad tendency to get a little poetic so i guess it's time to sign off.  My last bit of wisdom is this: Investigators are like artichokes it takes a lot of work to get to their hearts. :) 

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