Monday, October 24, 2011

hello everybody,
So i was sitting at dinner one night with the Taylor's, an older couple in the ward.  Brother Rulon Taylor was on the subject of his ancestors and he brought up being related to Emer Harris, Martin Harris' brother.  I've always been told that i had some kind of family tie like that to Martin Harris as well (this has been my excuse for misplacing my scriptures through my many years of seminary :), and my grandma's maiden name and my middle name is Taylor!  Still sceptical about really having some distant relatives randomly in this ward, I turned to the four generation family chart that i was instructed to bring to the MTC (it turned out that it had no use:).  It turns out that my great grandpa's middle name is Emer! So if my conclusions are correct The taylors and there grand kids, that are also in the ward, are related to me!  Now this may seem like something that is not worthy to announce, but as a missionary even something little like being barely related to someone in the ward can be exciting. :) anyway, I have not come down with any diseases known only to southern California yet, so .. that's good, though there is a sign in our group of apartments that says: Warning some chemicals in the air are known to the state of California to cause birth defects.  So if your pregnant you probably shouldn't be breathing anywhere near where i have been living for the last couple of months. :) Besides family quandaries and toxic air things have been great.:) Despite Elder McKay's wish to move on after this transfer to a car area, Our Bishop and Ward Mission Leader are trying to keep us in the ward. It is a very good thing to be loved by the ward.  The baptism on Saturday went better than i could have imagined.  The spirit of the event seemed to come in waves, from the talks to the moment that Kathryn went into the water.  It's something that even the most eloquent writer couldn't describe. missionary work is like a bag of lays potato chips, you get a little bit and you can't stop.:) (let's hope it stays that way). This week I have been well supported this week with letters. Thank you to all who take the time, it means so much to me. well until next week. :)

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  1. Loved reading this! Elder Roos is such a great blessing to our ward. Be careful what you say about the members, Elder. (some are listening, LOL)
    Sis. Donna Nilsson