Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today i got to go through the Redlands Temple! (So beautiful). It was an experience i won't forget, and it was a spiritual boost for this next week. Afterwards i was able to go to the one of the only Cafe Rios in California! My soul is now rejuvenated with all of it's needs. :) Because today was our temple trip we are having p-day today instead of Monday.  I like having Monday off better. :) We are making steps upward in the work.  Our lessons per week are increasing and we are getting more new investigators.  This Sunday we will be setting a baptismal date with a young woman named Kat. We have been doing the lessons with her and she is very receptive. :) There are others who are not as receptive but we are working on 'em! I would just like to publicly announce that when i get home my mom (who is a biking fanatic) is going down in the bike race we are having when i get home. :) My companion Elder McKay shared a quote with me that I really like: Six days the devil works works. Works overtime on Sunday. Then he's ready once again to go to work on Monday. So if all evil you would shun and keep your conscience level. You must begin at early dawn and work just like the devil. :) and that is exactly what we do.  We are putting more time in working with members because last year in this mission 75% of our baptisms last year came from member referrals. Anyway! No crazy storys yet, though our roommates did get attacked by a hobo who apparently hangs out with Jesus. :) I've got a pork burrito in my stomach, I've got the spirit on my side, and I've got work to do... So Bye!

With lotsa love,

Elder Roos (I've heard many ridiculous pronunciations of my name in the last few weeks :)

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