Wednesday, February 22, 2012

aaaaayyyyyy (Italian new yorker :),

What a celestial weekend. Seeing Jason Rogerson being baptized was the only thing that could have topped his marriage to Tracy Sansone the day before. They have become close friends with me over the last three months.  On Sunday I was able to do the Confirmation for Jason. When I finished it seemed everyone was in tears. Those precious moments are the reasons I am here. I have been In front of hundreds of people confidently a lot of crazy things, including being in underwear at one point for a stage production. For some reason, the weight or I should say the reverence of ordinances like this, bring me more anxiety than all of that. :) I prayed that I would be calm and in tune with the spirit, and the words seemed to flow without hesitation. In heavy contrast to Sunday, on Monday we went to Pep Boys Auto for a simple oil change. Six hours later we finally drove away. Apparently there was some alignment issues or something. :( Yesterday was had an awesome service opportunity. We "sodded" a baseball field for the community! Our entire zone took the grass at the old Sixty Sixers field (local semi pro baseball team) and we brought it to a field at a park in San Bernardino, which was in really bad shape. Once that grass takes root it will look beautiful. while we were there a girl was crossing the street and she was hit by a car. She survived and we found out this morning that she is with her family now. She definitely had many missionaries saying prayers in there hearts for her throughout the day. I have a new companion! I can't forget to mention that. His name is Elder Hales and he is from Arizona. He has been out for three months, which means I am his "follow up trainer." That puts a lot of the load on me as far as keeping the work going is concerned, but I am ready for this.I hope to make this a chance to "yield much fruit" in this part of "The LordsVinyard." :) Elder Hales is different than any comp I have had. It will be a "growing" experience for sure. Dallon is home and It feels as though I have begun. :) just a year and half left and I'll get to see my cousin. Which is ironically the amount of time our ages differ. I wonder if this is what it was like waiting to get to earth in the pre-earth life when he left. :) Well, I could go on for much longer but I must say goodbye. Thank all of you for the never ending support I have received.

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