Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey Mi Amigo's

It's very rare that I publicly profess that I have seen a miracle. This last week I did. A few weeks ago we started teaching someone who would become one of the hardest people I have taught thus far on my mission. She was a member but she had her records removed from the church a long time ago. She has four kids and she is divorced. Her name is Dianna. When we first taught her it was evident she would be going nowhere fast. She has been indoctrinated with every Anti-Mormon theory out there. She has pushed me to the very edge of my gospel knowledge.:) This last week she said that she had been praying and she knows that this is the path The Lord is leading her down. She wants to be baptized on the 6th of April, which is the first day that she got The Book of Mormon when She was a small girl. Knowing her for the short time that I have has changed my life. There may be concerns yet to be faced while teaching her, but the biggest battle has been won: faith in midst of fear and opposition. I know that this was the hand of Lord in her life. It makes the other awesome activities I did this week seem small in comparison such as riding roller coasters at a small amusement park for a zone activity or even going to The Redlands temple. We are pushing ourselves to do more for this work. I am so happy to have your support. 

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