Monday, February 6, 2012


What a Heaven of a week! We had a great lesson with one of our investigators Alex Lundgren. He has had missionaries talking to him on and off for the last ten years! We decided it was time to get bold, so we read 2 Nephi 31 with him and he is currently praying to find out when to be baptized! Granted this exciting news is not yet set in stone, but it is more progress than we have seen with him since we have been here. In other missionary news we had a family of new investigators fall on our laps yesterday.  In ward council we were informed that a mother and her kids who have been attending Calvary Chapel and has apparently been to Bible College. She now wants to give the Mormons a try. :) She apparently used to go with her mom or something when she was young. We have an appointment with her tomorrow, and She has warned us that she has some big theological questions for us that she thinks we can't answer. I'm pretty sure we'll be fine answering her questions but just to be safe... pray for us. :)  This is my last week were I can use Elder Browns two years of experience in dealing with every missionary situation conceivable. :) I'll let you know how that goes. This month is going to be a good one. I'll have the chance to see baptisms and a lot of progress with others that we are teaching. This Running Springs place is growing on me. I hope my next comp doesn't make things go downhill. Well no funny stories to report this week. The work goes on. Thank you so much for the letters etc. I have a lot of people to reply and not much time, so bare with me.

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