Monday, June 11, 2012

So Guess What!
It was just another Wednesday night. I was winding down after a day of seeing people, when I got a text from my last comp in Running Springs. It said: "hey Lisa just got out of an interview with Pres and she is getting baptized this Sunday at five! She also wants you to baptize her" That text message blew my mind! :) I had set a date with her before I came here to Big Bear and that date came and went. Finding out that she was really going to do it  and that she wanted me to baptize her was one of the greatest pieces news I have received on my mission. The baptismal service was sweet; The Spirit was strong. Lisa has gone through a lot in her life. It was incredible to see her fears washed away by the cleansing power of the atonement, through baptism and confirmation. We had special permission to have her confirmed right there after she had been baptized. I hope I never forget the happiness I saw in her face when she was feeling the spirit so strongly. She has many obstacles ahead (as we all do) but she is through the gate that leads to Eternal Life. Not to mention she has a "trail guide" now, which is the Holy Ghost. President and Sister Godwin head the chance to attend the service as well. I told to President that I was grateful that the spirit has inspired him to keep me in the mountains. He replied "don't get to used to it," or something to that effect. :) President Godwin is a great man. I feel like the blessing of seeing this success was undeserved on my part. I think of the missionaries elsewhere giving it their all and not seeing much success through their missions. The Lord is doing a great work here in So. Cal. I'm just glad I can hitch on for the ride. :) On a completely different note some of the zone came up here to Big Bear for a hike called Castle Rock. You can see the lake from the top of the trail, so beautiful. Well that is all for this week. More miracles always are on their way ....

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