Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello from the battle front,

Yesterday we had a great lesson with Suzane Cuaz. We are making the some of the final preparations for her baptism this Saturday. Since I have met her I have said that I haven't seen anyone this ready to be baptized on my mission. She recently read the entire Gospel Principles book, she reads the Book of Mormon with her kids daily, and most importantly she prayed and received an answer that this is church is true before we even met her. Her experience has been the miracle of my stay in Big Bear. At the end of the lesson we just had she asked me if I would baptize her and she asked Elder DeVaney if he could do the confirmation! In my eyes there is no greater honor than participating in these holy ordinances. I am happy that Elder DeVaney has the chance to  see success early in his mission. In complete contrast to what I have been just talking about Elder DeVaney and I have been battling the last few weeks with an ant colony that lives in our walls. When I they ate my fruit loops and brownies I wasn't too upset, but when they tried to break into my Nuttella.......... IT BECAME WAR. :) We have since acquired all manner of poisons and ant traps to deter them from a complete take-over. I am happy to report that the scales are tipping and our flag is rising. I will give you more updates on the epic war between man and ant next week. :) Last on my agenda of things to report is express some of my feelings for my father. On my mission I have seen many broken families. I have seen many priesthood holders not rising up to their responsibilities. My mind has been drawn back to my own father who, in his patient yet powerful way, has been a leader for my family in the good times bad. Just as our heavenly father does for all of us, my Dad has set a high bar for me. He was a missionary in Norway, He was married in the Logan Temple, He is now a worthy priesthood holder, and now I am led to follow and do the same. To avoid any cliche connotations that this message may Carry, my Dad does have his share of follies. It is because of those that he has been able to help me when I have too fallen. Dad, I love you. Happy fathers Day.

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  1. Editor's note: Garrett's dad does not have his share of follies. He is very folly-challenged.