Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MY Good People!
Another great week in the paradise of big bear! We had one of the funnest lessons I have taught on my mission this last week. It was with Suzane and three of her kids. Elder Devaney and I went to the church about a half an hour before hand to set up a maze/ obstacle course with anything we could find. The course spanned the entire cultural hall. :) When the kids showed up we blind-folded them with ties and they had to make it through the course listening closely to "the still small voice"(us) guiding them through the twists and turns. We taught them a lot about the Holy Ghost and how we really need to listen closely to the promptings we get. We then led them to a big chalk board that had The Plan of Salvation drawn out in detail across it. The kids seemed to learn it well enough to turn around and teach us when we were done explaining it. For the final portion of our lesson with them we showed them a big bowl filled with water. We sprinkled pepper across the waters surface to represent sin. To represent baptism and repentance we added dish soap which forced the pepper to the sides of the bowl. The kids love the church and what they are being taught so much. It is a shame we don't have permission to get them baptized yet. Another fun event this week was the ward party on Saturday night. It was held at the LDS Youth Camp here in Big Bear. To entertain us after dinner was a performer called Farley The Fiddler, who has a show at Disney Land. It was very much a kid oriented show, but man that guy can play the fiddle. :) I had him play The Devil Went Down to Georgia when his show was done. :) All in all it seems that each and every week I have memories that will stick with me for a very long time. The ward loves us, I'm doing well and I thank you for all of the support.

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