Monday, August 5, 2013

The Last Letter

The last baptism:

One day Jose Hernandez was fasting and praying for God's help. The help he desired was for his family to feel the joy of the Gospel that he feels. He being the only member of the church in his family. He joined the church when he lived with his aunt for a couple of years in Wyoming and now he is back in California with his family. A couple of days after this fast for God's guidance his prayer was answered. At a service project he met Sister Anderson,  a senior missionary in our zone. Sister Anderson then Inroduced Jose to me. I got his number and after a couple of texts he was attending the singles ward. I had no idea that something so simple would change my mission the way it did. We first taught his cousin Ricky, who was a less active member. After a spiritual experience with the Book of Mormon he has been active since. We were then introduced to Jose's Sister Anabell. A little after a month she entered the waters of baptism and Jose was able to baptize her. Just last week we were able to see Jr. another member of their family get baptized. What made his baptism even more special was seeing Ricky a newly ordained priest baptize his cousin. Miracles have abounded in that family. Not to mention that they have been our strongest support in teaching others. The hand of the Lord is so evident in how this all happened. I love this family and I truly believe that they are one of the reasons I came on my mission. I am also grate

This wasn't supposed to be my last baptism. There was supposed to be one more on Saturday. Roman was so close, but some last minute opposition came. I feel his baptism will come soon and It will be a great day.

The Departing Devotional

It was odd seeing the missionaries I left the MTC with in the same place. We broke our fast together on Sunday when we were preparing for our departing devotional. I was excited to see the people who I have to come to love. So many thoughts came to my mind as I looked at the people who I had taught scattered throughout the chapel. I was worried about what to say. When I got to the pulpit the words came and I felt it was what I needed to say. I loved reuniting with two years worth of people I have come so close to. I took pictures with most every family that came. It was an experience that gave me a sense of closure for my mission experience. 

I know that this mission is where God sent me. I do not have a doubt of that. I also know that this truly is the Lord's work. Meaning, that it hasn't been Elder Roos's work. As long as I gave my heart and a willing mind I have been able to stand still and see the Salvation of God in so many lives. I have also learned that I have many weaknesses. I have learned that those are made strengths through the grace of God. I learned that Satan is the master manager of my past and God is the master manager of my future. I fell short of the glory of God. In fact I fell short of the glory of an Elder at times, but I my mission has been made whole through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I love my Father in heaven and I love my Savior. This mission has not only effected my life, but it has effected my eternity and the eternity of others as well.

love always,

Elder Roos


Garrett Returns Home


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