Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dear Family and friends

There is so much to say today, so here we go. Last Tuesday I got a new companion. His name Is Elder Joshua Paget. He has been on his mission for 17 months and he has spent most of his mission serving in San Bernardino. An irony of us being comps is that he was comps with Elder Sevison at one point as well. :) Things have been very different since Elder Sevison and I split up. There have been many good things that have come from it. including Me stepping up to be the senior zone leader, It has given me a new boost of motivation, and Elder Paget has taught me an amazing way to find new investigators! I was a little skeptical at first when Elder Paget told me that we were going to pray, a random street name would pop up in our heads, and we would proceed to put it in the gps to see if it was in our area. Every time we have done this a street that neither of us new existed in the area has come to our minds. Every time we have done this we go to the street and we find the reason that the Lord has lead us there. It has been miraculous. So far we have three new investigators from doing this and a building list of potentials. In this area that is a feat that requires divine intervention. One example of this was when we prayed and the street "Martingale" popped up in my mind. We put it in the gps and it was just around the corner. when we arrived there we had no clue what we what to do or rather what door to knock on. We saw a man parked in his car and we went up and offered him a dvd. He responded with "wait, are you guys missionaries?" We said "yes." He then asked "so do you guys knock on doors?" We again responded "yes we do." What he did next I did not expect. He flipped around a badge and said that he was under cover looking for a fugitive on the run. He asked if we would go and knock on the fugitives mothers door and do our missionary thing, and if we see him or signs of him to let him know. We agreed and we went to the door not knowing what to expect. The woman who answered began talking with us and she has studied with the missionaries before! She lets us in and we teach her the restoration! We stayed for awhile. When we left the agent wasn't there. Keep in mind that we were led to that street through prayer and in our time of need it seemed that God had a way to lead us to the very door that we needed to knock on. This was a more dramatic case of being guided, but we have been seeing miracles like this for days. I pray that they do not stop. Another great strength for me lately has been to go the Redlands temple twice in the last week. we first went on Saturday where Elder Sevison and I were able to temporarily be comps again to go and see a couple of our recent converts go do baptisms for the first time.  I had the chance to do some of the confirmations. It was another one of those experiences I hope never to forget. Keith was especially wowed by the wonder and the spirit of the temple. Today we went to the temple as a zone. and of course we went to Cafe Rio afterwards. I have been wondering a lot lately if I will be remembered in past areas I have served. I have thought a lot about if I am remembered and appreciated in the Running Springs Branch. In answer to my concerns The Branch President Craig Davis and his Brother Brian Davis were there at Cafe Rio! In our conversation he told me that I was still remembered and appreciated. I told him I would be by to see him in about eight and a half months :) Well it is about time I draw this letter to a close. I love the Zone. They are working so hard. I love the Summit ward. We have a lot of work yet to do here. and I love my mission. I can't believe It has been sixteen months since I left home. Most of all I love my family and my friends.
Thanks for reading,
-Elder Roos

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