Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear fan, The zone did an amazing job this week. And what I hear from the APs the mission as a whole took an unexpected jump in almost everything we report on! For us in Fontana we had very high member present lesson and new investigators. Those are two of the most important things we do. One reason our finding efforts have been so solid is that Elder Sevison and I instituted a game for our zone. We have a giant white board with a football field drawn on it. For the amount of Contacts, Member referrals requested, and new investigators you get you gain yardage towards the en zone. We also have surprise plays and hail marys etc. during the week to gain extra yardage. Everyone has been working hard to gain yards. Aaron you would love it. :) Sadly for the Elders in the zone the one sister missionary companionship is winning! The winner gets to go on an extra temple trip with lunch at Cafe Rio on us. :) This has really spiced up this transfer. Speaking of sister missionaries when we were at stake coordination our mission president filled us in on some interesting statistics from Salt Lake. He said that it is predicted that in a year we will have 90,000 missionaries throughout the world and fifty percent of those will be sister missionaries! Those statistics will be reflected in our mission as well! He went on to say that every ward in our mission will have multiple companionships. It will be interesting to see how those predictions pan out. Either way there are going to be a lot more sisters in the coming months. The first nineteen year old sister will be in our mission in about a month! As for my area we are on the search for new investigators. We have been sifting through the area book like we are looking for the tiniest speck of gold. We have found a few that ended being a little on the iron pyrite side. :) These efforts have not gone in vain. We found a family that took the lesson two years ago, and who want us over again. They have amazing fellowship in the ward and after our first lesson they committed to come to church. Guess what, THEY CAME! We hope to invite them to baptism this week. I pray it goes well. Thank you for the unfailing support. that one guy in california, Elder Roos

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