Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Southern Utah,

This email won't nearly be as exciting as the last, but there are a few things to report on including the epic snow storm we had. The people of Running Springs never fail to tell me how fed up they are with the snow. I've never had this much winter in my life! The good thing about snow storms is it helps us get into more houses. Would you deny a couple of missionaries covered in snow at your front door with ice shrapnel filled winds laying siege upon their faces? I didn't think so.:) That actually did help us get into a couple of houses that normally turn us away this week. In other snow related news we got stuck! We got a truck A.D. (after destruction) that would supposedly keep us out of that kind of trouble with it's four wheel drive etc. But after an amazing lesson on the Book of Mormon with a couple of our new investigators Dean and Linda, we got stuck in the middle of a snow storm heading back to the main highway. After pushing, digging, sliding, and freezing for forty five minutes we finally called our Branch Mission Leader Earl Purkiss. With his help we finally got the truck we have named Bruce back on the road.:) We finally got home at 11:30, Which is a bit past our curfew. :) The work here has been going good, but we are definitely in a building stage again after those two baptisms. We are working with a few people now that I have high hopes for. In sadder new an investigator we started teaching recently dropped us after looking up a lot of "anti" on Joseph Smith. I told her that her reading the Book of Mormon and asking God is the ONLY way she can know the truth. She wouldn't listen. In happier news M Russell Ballard is coming to speak to the mission this Sunday! I am very excited for that. It isn't to often I get to hear an Apostle of our Lord speak in person. I will let you know how that goes next time. I have a firm testimony of this work, and every experience I have builds on that. I hope all of you are doing wonderfully. Thank you for your prayers.

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