Monday, November 14, 2011


What a week! this has probably been one of the more frustrating weeks on the mission so far. Our Baptism dates for this Saturday have been delayed.... until February. That one fact alone seemed to drain the motivation out of us this week, but we have pressed forward. They baptism date has been moved so far because they want to have a big wedding with their family. And the mother, who will be the financier, wanted it on Valentines day. Despite this unforeseen circumstance, there is a chance I will be here come February. Anyway, one thing i love about being a missionary is that as I focus on other people my trivial problems wash away. This is our last week before transfers so we are going to make it good. Speaking of transfers I'm not sure what will come of them. I'm finished with the training program so it is unlikely Elder McKay and I will stay together. So I will probably be staying in this area. One thing that has been fun lately is rehearsing for the mission wide Christmas concert on December 3rd. There will be 200 of us singing! Without some kind of music I would shrivel up and die out here. :) Well I will know what is to be my fate when I write again.

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